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Connecting the other side and serving with heart to help overseas clients and students.

We do not forget the original intention.




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Beyond Canada Milestone

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  • Beyond Canada Milestone: 1

    Building the first Lupin workshop bridge between China and North America

  • Beyond Canada Milestone: 15

    Concluded several Sino-Canadian friendship schools

  • Beyond Canada Milestone: 98.1

    98.1% Immigration Application Pass Rate

  • Beyond Canada Milestone: 100

    Representing 100 colleges in Canada

  • Beyond Canada Milestone: 1000

    1000+ Overseas Quality Employer Resources

  • Beyond Canada Milestone: 2000

    Sending thousands of students overseas for further study

  • Beyond Canada Milestone: 6000

    6000+ Immigration Application Success Stories

  • Beyond Canada Milestone:

    Realize overseas asset allocation

  • Beyond Canada Milestone:

    The future gives everyone the opportunity to choose an international education



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